Frequently Asked Questions

We are aware patients may have certain concerns regarding treatment procedures and have prepared a comprehensive list of frequently-asked questions.

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What can I expect...?

We address some common questions regarding surgery, recovery and payment information.

What can I expect Before Surgery?

Your physician will review your condition and explain all of your treatment options, including medications, physical therapy, and other surgeries such as removal of the diseased disc, fusion, etc. You will be required to fast the evening before surgery and you may need to stop taking some medications in advance of the procedure. These medications may include aspirin and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, as well as blood thinners. Additionally, all nutritional supplements need to be stopped at least one month prior to surgery.

Before your surgery you will meet with a spine surgeon to review the surgery, the area of the spine being operated on, and sign consent forms. He or she will discuss potential risks and benefits of the procedure and this is a good time to ask questions. You may be measured for a cervical collar or brace prior to surgery. Your surgeon may also schedule you for a pre-surgical medical evaluation.

What can I expect After Surgery?

You may or may not need a neck brace after surgery. This is dependent upon your surgeon and the specific procedure, as well as the number of levels involved. You may experience postoperative pain as well as muscle spasms at your surgical site.

This is well controlled with pain medications and muscle relaxers that can be prescribed by your surgeon. It is not uncommon to spend the first night or two with the head of your hospital bed elevated to decrease pain and swelling. Often times, there is a small drain tube that is removed on the first or second day after surgery; this is painless. Physical and occupational therapy is sometimes needed after surgery to help restore you to your norm activities of daily living. Bending, twisting, and lifting will be advised against for a period of time after your surgery.

You cannot drive a car until you have sufficient neck range of motion to see while driving, and are no longer taking pair medication. You can, however, be driven or fly on a plane as soon as you feel up to it. Your physician will provide instructions on wound care, exercises, and limitations to postoperative activity.

What can I expect During my Recovery?

A minimally invasive procedure typically allows patients to get out of bed the day of the surgery and may be discharged the day after surgery. Many patients will notice improvement of some or all of their symptoms and pain from surgery may diminish between 2 to 4 weeks after surgery. However, recovery time varies between patients.
It is the surgeon’s goal for the patient to eventually return to his her pre-operative activities. A positive attitude, reasonable expectations and compliance with your doctor’s post-surgery instructions may all contribute to a satisfactory outcome.

The field of Minimally Invasive Surgery will continue to expand. However, certain techniques are highly technical and require training. As is the case with any surgical procedure, complications may occur. Such complications can include inadequate decompression, nerve injury, infection or persistent pain. Please consult your physician for a list of indications, precautions, clinical results and other important medical information that pertains to a minimally invasive procedure.

Recovery Do’s and Don’ts

Can I Shower After Surgery?

Depending on your surgical incision, you may have showering restrictions. Ask your physician for appropriate instructions.

Will I Have a Scar?

The surgical procedures usually involve a small incision on your back or posterior (back) of your neck. Ask your physician for more information as every patient is different.

When Can I Drive?

For a period of time after your surgery, you may be cautioned about activities such as driving. Your physician will advise you on when you may drive again.

Payment Information

Can I Pay Using My Medisave?

Our friendly staff are always available to answer your questions regarding payment methods. We are happy to advise you on an arrangement that is most suitable for your requirements. Please feel free to call us at 68846788 for more information.

Do You Have Corporate Insurance Coverage?

We are on board with most major insurance providers and we are happy to advise you on what are the claims that are applicable for your treatment. Please feel free to call us at 68846788 for more information.

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